QFAME and Give a Note Combine for

Nationwide Study of Music Education

QFAME is partnering with Give a Note Foundation (Give a Note) to help shine a light on music education needs across the country. The mission of Give a Note, an affiliate of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), is “to nurture, grow, and strengthen music education opportunities – every student, every school, every community.” In October of 2015, Give a Note received a grant from the Country Music Association Foundation to gather information on access to music education. The product of this study will be used in grant making by Give a Note and like-minded philanthropic organizations who seek to invest in music education.

The study will be carried out in two phases: the first being on-site visits to selected communities to identify key factors affecting the commitment to music education within those communities. The second phase is a nationwide survey of teachers, schools, and districts to establish a credible database to be used (1) by federal, state, and local governments in deciding on public policy relating to music education and (2) by philanthropic organizations like Give a Note in deciding where its grants will have the greatest impact on advancing music education.

Give a Note, understanding that QFAME has a similar interest in cost-effective and sustainable music education investments, invited QFAME to be part of this important study. QFAME is pleased to contribute both financial and human resources in partnership with Give a Note. Study results will be presented to the Country Music Association Foundation later this year.

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