The devastation brought on by the earthquake in Nepal touched every aspect of life in this small mountainous country. Among those affected was the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), a small K-12 school with a reputation for delivering a high quality, well-rounded education to a diverse student body representing over 30 nationalities and speaking languages from every corner of the globe. And thanks to Hannah Dornon, the KISC music teacher, KISC students have been taught the universal language of music.


Six months ago, Hannah purchased materials from, a rapidly growing, Nashville-based company delivering innovative music curricula and teaching tools via the Internet. When the folks at Quaver heard about the Nepal earthquake, they immediately emailed Hannah to ask about her safety and the safety of her students. Two days later, Hannah replied:

It's so encouraging the amount of love and well wishes reaching our way from all over the world. Amazingly all KISC staff and students are alive with only minor injuries. Some of us are now homeless, but friends and neighbors have been incredibly generous in welcoming semi-permanent residents into their houses and onto their couches. We are still feeling aftershocks and tremors, but they seem to be getting smaller and farther apart.

Hannah also described the damage to the school, which was modest, and damage to various musical instruments, which was extensive. Her message was relayed to the Quaver Foundation for Advancing Music Education (QFAME) with a request to help. Within a day, QFAME had established a Help Hannah Fund with an offer to match donations to keep the music playing in Kathmandu.

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Three weeks later, a check for $5968 was on its way to KISC. The replacement instruments soon followed. Hannah’s letter along with the accompanying photos and video demonstrate how the music is back in Kathmandu.

See the auditorium before and after the earthquake... use the slider below to view.

Bringing the Music Back to Katmandu

Bringing the Music Back to Katmandu

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